Fifty years of being a family business!

We Are


Founded nearly fifty years ago, as a small home-based business, today, Avarna has grown to be a diversified group of companies with multiple subsidiaries. We’ve forged partnerships with key stakeholders both locally and abroad. Our product portfolio spans from consumer durables to manufacturing and construction to packaging services.

Our core areas of expertise include,

  • Manufacturing innovative and quality products
  • Building powerful brands that become market leaders
  • Creating a strong partnership and distribution network

Since day one, we’ve strived to empower our people and stay true to our business ethos of innovation, entrepreneurship, and excellence.

01. People

Our people have played an integral role in making Avarna what it is today. Our culture of openness and trust ensures that our employees have a strong sense of community. We believe that putting our people first is the foundation of our success.

“People first”

02. Innovation

Our success has been driven by innovation since the beginning. Many of our subsidiary companies are homegrown ideas that started out as a simple spark of innovation. Our partnerships are founded on a shared passion for finding creative ways to get the job done.

“Investing in innovation”

03. Guidance

We believe in seizing new opportunities, seeking out new avenues for expansion, and encouraging our employees to take ownership of their ideas. This has helped us bring in many new ventures under the Avarna umbrella in the last five decades.

“Empowering entrepreneurship”

04. Excellence

Seeking excellence in everything we do, is in our DNA. Whether it’s enabling our employees to become specialists in their roles, investing in research and development to perfect the products we manufacture, and finding industry experts in order to improve our services.

“Pursuing excellence always”