Innovative Brand of the Year – Silver Award for Rainco Mosquito Proof Nets

Spearheaded to be a brand of choice within Sri Lankan consumers, enabling them for a natural, healthy and a peaceful sleep, Rainco Mosquito Proof Nets clinched the Silver award for the Innovative Brand of the Year competing with 14 other brands at the 16th SLIM Brand Excellence Awards held on the 21st of November 2017 at BMICH.

With the relentless passion to innovate,and backed by substantial research, ‘Rainco Mosquito Proof Nets’ initiated the journey towards excellence by capturing consumer insights and transforming it to innovation by launching their new range creating a twist in the conventional mosquito nets industry.
‘Rainco Mosquito Proof Nets’ are equipped with SMART FIX and SMART LOOP, which makes it mobile and easy to assemble, providing it more structural rigidity.It also comes with SMART TUCK, which reduces the wear and tear of the net making it more durable. The SMART POUCH provides a pleasant look for your room and facilitates machine washing. The change of packaging gives a new look and feel for the range and clearly guides and educates the shopper at the point of purchase.

“Throughout the years, Rainco has continued to gather insight and innovate our products according to the dynamic customer needs. Our commitment towards consumer satisfaction has resulted in winning a national level award for one of our core brands. On behalf of the Team at Rainco, I also wish to thank all our stakeholders who have been the strength behind our success,” commented Ahamed Aroos, Chief Operating Officer – Sales and Marketing of Rainco Private Limited.

‘Rainco Mosquito Proof Nets’ revolutionized and elevated the standards of the industry by innovating the mosquito net design and provided the opportunity for the Sri Lankan Consumer for a peaceful sleep.

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